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7 remarkable plants
in the Dachstein regione

Here are our top 7 Gosau flowers: 



Liquor can be made from some types of gentian, from some others remedies. Because of its pure blue flower color, the gentian is a symbol of loyalty.


Fire lily

The fire lily, formerly known as the thunder flower, is part of the midsummer-bonfire-tuft („Sonnwendbüschel“) that is thrown into the St. John's fire to keep out storms. Because of the fiery red color, the flower is said to attract lightning, but you are welcome to take it home as we luckily have a lightning rod.


White alpine poppies

This subspecies of alpine poppy only can only be found in the Northern Limestone Alps, from the Pilatus to the Dachstein Mountains. The poppy blooms usually bloom at night and only for two days.


Dwarf primrose

The dwarf primrose can be found on the Dachstein. The mountain farmers in the Giant Mountains also call them “Love Me“ („Hab mich lieb“. In the words of Hoffmann von Fallersleben:


Blumen blüh´n an jedem Orte,

Blumen blüh´n auf Berg und Tal,

aber eine nur hat Worte,

ein grüßt Dich tausendmal.

Was mein Herz noch nie gewagt,

Dir das liebe Blümchen sagt.

"Hab mich lieb!"


Real Speik

The roots of the Real Speik contain a lot of essential valerian oil, which is why the plant in the past was excavated en masse and mainly exported to the Orient. There is even a separate digging tool for it: the so-called „Speikkramperl“.


Beautiful feather carnation

In Austria, the feather carnation is also called "Das zottlichte Gretl". The intense cloud of fragrance that it exudes, bewitched everyone who discovered it on their hikes.


Dark bellflower

The dark bellflower – also called Austrian bellflower - can only be found in Austria on moist rocks and snow floors. The blooming period is from June to August.

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