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4/7 peace

The most beautiful places and activities 

to find peace. find the inner satisfaction of quietness and pause for a moment.

the most beautiful viewpoints

the most beautiful churches
in and around Gosau

remarkable plants
in the Dachstein region


Nowhere else can you find peace as well as in nature. Here are our top 7 Gosau flowers:

  • Gentian

  • Fire lily

  • Beautiful feather carnation

  • White alpine poppies

  • Dwarf primrose

  • Real Speik

  • Dark bellflower

book recommendations

All of these books and many more are in our bookcase on the 1st floor in the stairwell.

  • Das größere Wunder

  • Schwarze Piste

  • Stadt der Diebe

  • Am Berg kannst Du Dich nicht verstecken...

  • Tschick

  • Das große Los

  • In eisigen Höhen 

  • . . .

tips for Shirin-Yoku
(nature therapy)

  • Breathe consciously

  • Take time

  • Meditate

  • Take time to recover

  • Follow your individual needs

  • Don't forget snacks!

  • Book tip: "The Biophilia Effect" by Clemens G. Arvay

ways to meditate

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