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Safe Travel


Entry regulations
for Austria

Our measures AT d7 for your safe Vacation

  • Especially in times like these, the D7 offers the same protection as your own home in all areas as all accommodations are independent and separate units. By using the apartments alone, there is no contact with other people

  • Of course, there is disinfectant available for you in our accommodations. We clean your apartment with the utmost care.  


  • You don't have to worry about check-in or check-out either: In our entrance area you can find a safe with the key to your accommodation. This way you can check in easily, uncomplicated and contactless

  • For the exclusive use of the D7 Spa (per accommodation), there is a board in the entrance area where you can sign in.

Corona measures as of 16.05.22

Due to the relaxation of the epidemiological situation, some protective measures can be relaxed as of 16.05.22. The new measures are valid for the time being until 08.07.22:


  • The FFP2 mask obligation now only applies in closed rooms of:

    • Hospitals, old people's and nursing homes and comparable settings,

    • public transport and its stops and taxi,

    • customer areas of vital trade,

    • administrative authorities in the case of correspondence, and

    • religious institutions, unless they are entered for the purpose of a religious gathering such as a fair


  • Entry: As of 16.05.22, Austria lifts all entry rules imposed due to the Corona pandemic. When entering Austria, proof of 3G is no longer required.

Validity of Vaccination Certificates

  • 2-dose vaccinations are valid for 270 days to enter Austria.

  • However, to prove your 2G-status during your stay in Austria, the validity of the 2nd jab was reduced to 180 days on 01.02.22 (210 days for under 18 year olds).


  • The booster remains valid for 270 days.

Please note: We have researched this information for you with the greatest possible care. However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

(Last Update: 17.05.22)

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