Our range: health massages

Pure relaxation.

Relax after a sporty day or simply treat yourself to a relaxing massage. We have a specially designed massage room in our house. The professional hands of Katrin and Hermann Schmid, who specialize in health massages, will leave your muscles feeling completly relaxed. They have the following on offer:

Schaut mal auf die Webseite, was Katrin und Hermann noch für die Gesundheit anbieten: www.massage-schmid.at. Termine am besten direkt mit Katrin und Herrmann ausmachen: +43 677 62975040. 


Chiromassage practice

Do you have spinal and joint misalignments? The aim of the chiromassage is to improve your posture and to remove blockages so that you can feel completely comfortable and relax better.


Classic massage

The classic massage is one of the oldest types of massage. Enjoy your massage for relaxation, harmonization and vitalization of the body. It can help you with relieving pressure and stress.


Abhyanga - Indian oil massage

The Abhyanga or "The Great Oiling" is a form of Ayurvedic massage. It is carried out with warm oil all over the body that enables you to relax completely.


Pine full body massage

The positive features of the wood of the "Queen of the Alps" have been used in the context of massages for centuries. The use of the warm Swiss pine bar relaxes your body, mind and soul.


Pranic energy healing

This energy therapy supports your self-healing powers. The application of Pranic Energy Healing are very relaxing. They are carried out with full clothing and without any touch.


Ear acupoint massage

The treatment is carried out with a massage stick along the meridians, the energy channels of the ear. The reflex zone points of the ear have a regulating effect on the correspondingly assigned parts of the body, so that your body finds its balance again.


Candle back massage

Instead of oil, this masseuse uses candle wax, which is warmed and liquefied by the candle flame itself. The massage works with four elements: through the massage itself, the wax, the light of the candle and the fragrance.